Luxury Destination Florida Wedding- Tamara and Fouad

An Orlando Disney Fairy Garden Wedding


On a warm  Florida winter day in December Tamara and Fouad celebrated their destination wedding at the exquisite Disney Wyndham Grand Hotel in Orlando.  

Tamara and Fouad's Disney fairy tale wedding could not have been scripted better by Walt himself.  It's not everyday you find a creatively bold bride, but Tamara' is an exceptional out-of-the-box thinker. Her background and experiences helped pave the way for her unique, creative and fabulous Florida destination wedding!

The moment guests stepped into the grand ballroom, they were immediately struck by the gorgeous color scheme of purples, pinks, and blues all perfectly married together to create the unforgettable atmosphere of Tamara and Fouad's special evening. Tables were lined with tall jungle-esk cascades of  fresh rich greens, an elaborate color selection of flowers, wild branches and ivy-giving guests a rare taste of  the world's finest plant organisms combined together for a once in a lifetime wedding experience.  Most likely never to be witnessed again ☺☺☺

The evening started with an elaborate grand entrance with a traditional Middle Eastern Zaffe ensemble, The Zaffe is a traditional Middle Eastern wedding performance commonly found in the Middle Eastern reagion and beyond. Tamara and Fouad's zaffe consisted of three traditional zaffe drummers, the lovely belly dancer Carrara Nour, and  of course the perfect zaffe music thoughtfully chosen by  DJ Khalil from  Arabic DJ in Florida and Event Planning! It's definitely not something you see everyday and guests swarmed the dance floor right away! 

Design and styling provided by Luxuria Florida Weddings in collaboration with Dandy Details Events. Our friends at Dandy Details Events are an event planning and coordination company based in Orlando. Rachael and her team at Dandy Details Events professionally handled all aspects of planning and coordination for Tamara and Fouad's special day!

  Check out some of the amazing photos from Corner House Photography below!